Our story

Lafia means a state of complete mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing in multiple West-African languages. We believe that comprehensive health cannot be achieved solely in health centers. In fact, where we are born, live, work, and age determines our lifelong state of health. As Public Health and Medical professionals, we could no longer stand to treat patients only to send them back to the environments that made them sick in the first place and that will continue to do so. We are outraged that preventable diseases still cause the highest burden of disease in many low resource countries like Burkina Faso. We started Lafia because we believe that in addition to expanded access to quality care, disease prevention, particularly through community-led efforts to improve the social determinants of health, is crucial in promoting lifelong health for all.


Expanding community-led health promotion and access to care for people to attain and maintain good health, and improve their quality of life


A world where no preventable disease creates the most disability or claims the most lives

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