Focus Areas

Breast and cervical Cancer
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We thrive to ensure that people are informed about breast and cervical cancer and that they know about the resources available to them in the country. We also promote prevention and early diagnosis to identify cases at an early stage and connect them to resources and follow up to monitor their condition and ensure that they get the care they need.

Sexual and Reproductive Health

There are still very few opportunities to learn about sexual and reproductive health, especially for young people and women in the country. We work to provide platforms for those groups to educate themselves about sexual and reproductive health, and discuss ways to meet their needs.

Hypertension and diabetes
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Our work in this area is focused on working with communities to ensure that people are educated about these diseases and the ways to protect themselves and their families. We also work on identifying patients through screening and connecting them with resources to ensure follow up and monitoring.

Hepatitis B and C

We work to fill the gap in testing capacity so that we can identify patients and connect them to resources and we also work on educating people about the diseases.

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Our work in this area is focused on educating young people, starting from primary school students, about smoking and its lifelong consequences presumably before they start or so that they can quit.

Social Determinants of Health

Our approach to health promotion is based on improving the social determinants of health. We do this through primarily community-led efforts.

Care Access
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Though our work is largely focused on prevention, we also recognize the need to increase access to quality care. Our efforts in this sense are enacted through mDoc, a community and home based care delivery system.

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